What is ZO Housing Group?

ZO Housing Group is the new brand of the housing company that has been officially founded as AlOmari housing company in 1989.

What is your company’s story?

We started our journey to provide housing in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1989, where Zuhair AlOmari Housing Group ZO Housing (formerly Al-Omari Housing) acquired during this period the experience to build quality homes, as well as the confidence of our customers by creating more than a thousand homes, which means more than a thousand family became a vital part of our own family to this day.
Zuhair AlOmari Housing Group (ZO Housing) is redefining the true power of belonging, empowering you with originally-designed and quality homes unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Our mission is to build unique and quality homes that can provide a feeling of belonging for our customers

Who is the GM?

Mr (Engineer) Zuhair AlOmari is the GM of ZO Housing Group.

Do you only sell apartments or do you also rent?

Only selling apartments for the time being.

How can I contact you?

Please visit this page to contact us